East Grain was founded in 2007 by three professionals with comprehensive experience in agriculture and food industry.

In the starting years the company was focused on the purchase and sale of premium milling wheat, covering the Romanian and the Hungarian markets. Today we trade goods in the Central and Eastern European markets.

After the incorporation, East Grain had a constant growth, and reached a volume of 431.000 metric tons of cargo sold in the business year 2020, combined with a turnover of over 86,7 million euros. The product portfolio evolved through the years: beside the basic grains (corn, wheat, barley) we also trade oilseeds (sunflower seeds, rapeseed, soybeans) and industrial feed ingredients (soybean meal, DDGS, sunflowermeal, etc.). Starting with the business year 2015, we extended our product portfolio with fertilizers and other industrial commodities (biomass, pellets, etc.).

Today the company offers a complex portfolio of agricultural products and connected services in 11 countries. We intend to create trust-based, long-term partnerships with our clients and suppliers, because we believe that this is the only way to be successful on the long-run.

The key factors behind our success are:

  • Experience of owners and staff in agriculture, grain trade, processing industry (milling, feed production, livestock breeding);
  • Young and highly result oriented management team
  • Long-term relationships and careful planning – beside agricultural know-how.


Our vision

Our vision is to become a significant trading company in our region with our grain and feed products.


Our mission

Our mission is to supply the Central and Eastern European, the Near East and the North African markets with stable and value-added feed and grain products by creating long-term and trust-based partnerships.